zero tolerance for fraud


Changing economic trends and dynamic market conditions of running a business have made efficient managing of risks equally important to execution of basic business processes. Next to usual well-known risks, barely or not at all dependent on organization’s actions, more and more new and modified risk types are appearing.

Their distinctive feature is their outcome – contrary to academic risk definition, bringing as a result either gains or losses, those new threats cause almost solely negative consequences, not only affecting financial condition, but also reputation, legal position and operational efficiency. Those new threats form a wide set of risks of fraud, misconduct and non-compliance.

Such risks require modern, proactive approach to their management and call for expert skills and experience in order to achieve this task in an effective way. Many organizations miss those necessary competences, however, there is often no need to have them implemented as a full-scope function. An organization’s requirements considering managing fraud and abuse risk are a resultant of its business type, organizational structure, internal processes shape, corporate culture, risk appetite and many other factors.

In this risky and sensitive area it is worth taking advantage of objective professional expert opinion on an organization’s exposure for fraud and abuse risks and the way they should be prevented and detected. Furthermore, when such incident actually occurs, using external consultant’s experience and know-how allows mitigating further irregularities risks, regarding incident assessment and its resolution.

fraudit has been founded as an answer for market call for independent and competent support in handling those risks. It is a professional advisory practice, offering a wide range of services providing comprehensive fraud risk management solutions. It interconnects advisory and operational activities in order to secure the best possible comfort of managing this specific risk area.

fraudit relies on years of relevant experience, subject matter expert know-how and continuous improvement of professional skills. We keep ourselves updated on new threats and ways of their resolution, analyze past and current cases and ways of their resolution. We avoid trite out-of-the box solutions, as every fraud and abuse threat is unique and requires different ways to gain insight into it to come up with satisfactory remedy. Every project we run is inimitable and its gain is to provide the best possible solution, matching our Customers’ businesses in terms of its nature, scale, model, organization, process flow, costs & benefits balance and risk appetite.